IRS-Approved, Professional Maid Services In Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

The 2 most compelling reasons to use KimmyKlean maid service in Milwaukee:

#1) Kimmy is an AMAZING maid.  Like nobody else.

#2) Kimmy keeps taxes simple, also, like nobody else.

About #2.

Per the IRS, if you pay for maid services with cash or check, you are required to report those earnings with form1099-M.  You are now considered a Domestic Employer and are responsible to withhold from the wages of your household employee 7.65% for the social security tax and 1.45% for the Medicare tax. You are also required to pay matching amounts as taxes.  Penalties are assessed for failure to file a 1099M, failure to withhold or to pay payroll taxes. IRS audits are triggered at the state level when a maid applies for unemployment compensation and lists past clients as jobs, or reports their actual revenue amount and the source, or when injured on the job.  If injured, depending on the amount earner ($500,  quarterly), if you're not already paying into the Workman's Compensation fund, the state will have you pay into an "Uninsured Employer's Fund" to compensate the hospital for your employee's injuries.  One last thing, insurance companies consider you liable if someone else was injured by your household employee. Because you issued form1099. 


Kimmy has you covered.  By accepting payment with a credit card, she'll receive an earnings statement in the form of a1099-K (from her credit card processor) and be categorized as an independent contractor, not a household employee. You're not responsible for her payroll taxes. 


(Just like Kimmy.)

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